Data center security

  • We’ve tailored our infrastructure with security and protection in mind. Our entire line of servers and equipment are designed such that interception is nearly impossible.
  • All our data centers have DDOS mitigation in place.

Secure payments

  • All online payments are processed using industry-standard SSL encryption and our payment gateway is PCI-Compliant.
  • We do not disclose your credit card information and we will never ask you to provide your credit card details via email or through phone.

Customer information

  • Your data is encrypted. When you access Monopond through a web browser, you do so over an encrypted HTTP channel.
  • Monopond account passwords are in encrypted hashed form. Even our own team can’t view them. If you lose your password, it must be reset because there is no way it can be retrieved.
  • We have standard operating procedures that involve operating with dummy data when we are working on features. This is to ensure that we can work on improving Monopond without the need to access real customer data.

Accessing your data

  • We will only access your personal information, including the content of your fax message, with your express permission. We only do this when there are critical issues that cannot be fixed otherwise.
  • When we need to access your data, the entire procedure will be logged. We encourage you to only supply the information you are comfortable sharing.
  • You can change the information you share with us through the Monopond Member Centre at any time—the data we see are only those you allow us to see.

Internal protocols

  • We regularly conduct security audits of our servers to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to them.
  • We continuously train employees on best security practices, such as identifying social engineering techniques, hackers, and phishing scams.

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