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Send fax to over 65 countries. Just upload a file, enter a fax number, and press Send.

Receive fax through a dedicated fax number provided to you upon sign up. You can read your messages via email or through our portal.

Make Monopond your new fax machine starting at  USD 4.95 / month.

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From +61872007777
From +61872007777

Send fax

1. Add files
2. Enter fax number or email address
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Monopond: The fax machine that you can use anytime and anywhere

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Online Fax Solution

Send Fax

Send fax messages to more than 65 countries. We support various fax sending modes—send fax to one recipient, to multiple recipients, or start a fax broadcast and send your fax to up to thousands of numbers.

Receive Fax

Receive fax messages through your dedicated fax number. You can read your messages through your Monopond portal or via email.

Fax Broadcasting

Got a big marketing campaign coming up? Your Monopond will handle it for you. Our top-notch Fax Broadcasting tool lets you send fax campaign messages to thousands of recipients all over the world.

Customize Your Fax Number

Choose the country of origin of your dedicated fax number at no extra cost. You can also use multiple fax numbers. If you have an existing fax number that your customers know, you can keep it when you switch to Monopond.

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Tools to Manage Your Growing Team

Ready to scale your business? Your Monopond is there for you as your team grows. Manage multiple teams with customized levels of access, streamline accounting and finance functions, and generate reports with ease.

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For the price of a cup of coffee, you can now start sending fax online.
Check out our prepaid plans.


USD / Consumable
Send up to 50 pages per month
Receive up to 100 pages per month
Get your dedicated fax number
Cancel anytime
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USD / Consumable
Send up to 100 pages per month
Receive up to 250 pages per month
Get your dedicated fax number
Cancel anytime
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USD / Consumable
Send up to 500 pages per month
Receive up to 1000 pages per month
Get your dedicated fax number
Cancel anytime
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Why Monopond?

20M Per Month

We handle over 20 million transactions every month, worldwide!

Reliable Fax Servers

We built a stable fax infrastructure so you can enjoy a fully compatible and consistently reliable Monopond.

10 Years Strong

We’ve been in the business for more than 10 years and we’re constantly perfecting these solutions every day.

6000+ Channels

6000+ channels and growing. Monopond's online fax solutions provide reliable, secure, and scalable faxing to any destination.
Monopond is Business Ready
Looking for solutions to your growing enterprise? Your Monopond is built to cater to your business needs regardless of size.
Fax API for Developers
Create and deploy fax solutions with our reliable Fax API libraries.  Monopond offers extensive code libraries for different languages (PHP, Java, Ruby, C#, or Perl) that would suit every developer's needs.

Custom Pricing Plans

Need to send high volume fax? Need multiple fax numbers for receiving messages? Is your business team growing?
We can easily customize a plan that works best for you and your business.

Got questions?

For any questions or concerns, send us an email at and we'll be in touch to assist you.
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